Get one while we got one! Just posted it up on our online store to make it easy…

Get one while we got one!

Just posted it up on our online store to make it easy on everybody. Link is in our bio-Leticia 😊

What started off as a joke between my brother and @robertoaleman1 quickly turned into a graphic idea, which has now turned into a reality!

For those of you who don’t know, Roberto’s last name, Aleman, means German, in Spanish. So long story short, my brother began calling him “German Bob (or affectionately known as “GB”),” hence the title of this deck.
He would also call Roberto, “El Alcalde,”because he always said that Roberto was the Mayor (el Alcalde) of his hometown, Elche, in Spain. My brother even wanted me to post up flyers of this graphic all over his home town when I was out there for his wedding this summer so Roberto would come across one sooner or later…but I had to say enough was enough. 😂

For Roberto’s wedding present, we decided to put this graphic into production and are now offering this limited edition deck with all proceeds going to Roberto and his family as a wedding gift.

We are going to keep production limited and numbered to keep it custom custom, so if you are down for Consolidated and Roberto’s last collab deck ever, be sure to grab one!

And a sweet coincidence?? He married a German girl!

Shipping is included for US orders. For international orders, Roberto is splitting the costs with you, so it’s not so painful. Your cost in our online store also includes shipping. #getsome ! #consolidatedskateboards #robertoaleman


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