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What Are People Wearing in Tokyo? (Fashion Trends 2023 Shibuya Style)

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What are people wearing in Tokyo? Explore the fashion trends 2023 has to offer in Shibuya! From the latest streetwear to tokyo fashion in 2023, we’ve got you covered. We take a look at the coolest spring outfits and hottest colors that are sure to be awesome in the coming year.

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Join me in the 42nd episode of What Are People Wearing as we take a look at the 2023 spring outfits of Tokyo, Japan for 2023. I’ll be covering streetwear outfits 2023 that are sure to be awesome for spring 2023 fashion, as well as the latest 2023 streetwear brands that are shining in the fashion industry. We’ll be exploring the tokyo fashion capital neighborhood of Shibuya including all of its neighborhoods for Shibuya street fashion, Harajuku fashion, Takeshita Street, Shimokitazawa, plus Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills & Aoyama fashion neighborhoods to get a glimpse of millennial styles, gen z fashion, and learn more about what people are wearing. We’ll also be checking out the 2023 streetwear design styles that are always worth checking out. This episode will be perfect for spring fashion 2023, featuring the latest Streetwear 2023 Womens fashion trends and the freshest tokyo street style and a feature from @dickimchi too! Don’t miss out on all the post-looks from Tokyo Fashion Week 2023 and the fashion trends 2023 spring has to offer from Tokyo as they show off their style!

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