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Vintage Fashion Haul Outfit Ideas (NYC Style)

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In this fashion haul video, Check out this vintage store called Hanzawa Market run by Saya! They have an amazing collection of vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s. Explore here: Join us as we take a tour of their vintage fashion store and see what cool items they have in stock.

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Saya of Hanzawa Market ( @ hanzawamarket )
0:26 Vintage Shopping Studio Tour
0:45 Self-Made Vintage Fashion Bags
1:23 Hanzawa Market Flower Pins ( @ hanzawamarket )
2:04 Floral Bag Design
2:38 Curated Selection of Vintage Clothing
3:42 90s GAP Sweaters
4:12 Outfit Ideas
4:40 Coat Outfit Ideas
5:19 90s Coats & Jackets
5:51 Thrifted Items from Houston, & More
6:36 Reminds Me of Kid Cudi
7:09 Sister Nancy
7:54 L.L. Bean
8:22 Vintage Thrift Haul!
8:48 Military Style Fashion
9:17 Getting Started
9:33 “Hi, Can You Take Our Photo?” Lol
9:45 Vintage Haul Inspo
10:06 Outro

Music by @freezythegoat.


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Written by Dev Moore

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