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Rebellious, sexy, and cool. The Fall/Winter 2024 collection for men redefines the codes of motorcore through an enticing kitsch aesthetic.

As Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios, asserts, “Denim, by nature, has a rebellious aura. It’s provocative and rugged.” Considering these statements, it’s not surprising that they have chosen the versatile Yves Tumor, who constantly changes, alters, and plays with the boundaries of culture, art, music, and contemporary aesthetics.

“Yves seemed perfect for the collection; he’s one of those people who are true to their art. When on stage, he’s incomparable; it’s difficult to find real performances like that. It’s scary and charming at the same time. He also embodies the space age, the cyberpsychedelic vision, and, at the same time, is super rock’n’roll,” says Jonny.

All of this materializes in a selection of garments whose vibrant palette combines the punkiest black with denim blue and touches of neon in green and pink, with the latter being the predominant color throughout the collection. Through contrasting proportions, an attractive experimental play with layered looks and functional silhouettes is achieved, where fabrics like leather are reinvented and elevated even further. Cyberpsychedelic graphics take over the denim, as well as logomania, embroideries, and treatments.

In accessories, there are clear references to Kawaii style, such as fur hats with cat ears or absolutely exaggerated mittens, combined with the fashion house’s iconic mohair thread. Footwear is voluminous, with shoes featuring a rounded outward toe, knee-high sheepskin maxi boots, and biker-style maxi mules, while bags offer a fun encounter of extremes: micro vs. maxi. Finally, the Platt bag is reinvented with studs and heart-shaped charms; the Musubi now incorporates chain straps, and the Multipocket appears in bright metallic pink.

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