FW24 Collection by Domenico Formichetti’s PDF Explores the Aesth

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Despite its rapid surge in popularity, PDF by Domenico Formichetti has secured its place through Founder and Creative Director Domenico Formichetti’s unconventional perspective on streetwear. Already recognized for his influential role in the development of Italy’s dynamic streetwear scene, Formichetti’s Milan-based gender-neutral Ready-To-Wear brand has gained acclaim from notable personalities drawn to the corrupting aesthetics characterized by exaggerated proportions.

For the Fall/Winter 2024 season, PDF by Domenico Formichetti continues the Creative Director’s exploration of extreme sports, drawing inspiration from technical surf and snow apparel. The collection, marked by exuberant optimism, playful fervor, and vintage allure, strengthens the envisioned range with an anti-hero athlete leading the way.

“An anti-hero can be perceived as an individual who does not conform to a typical mold of respectability or conventionality. They don’t adhere to prescribed behaviors or opinions; they break rules at every given opportunity. Despite this, they command attention and admiration, whether from those on the outskirts of society or from those within the system who can relate to this polarizing figure on a deeper level,” shares PDF by Domenico Formichetti.

From adrenaline and anticipation to overflowing passion and emotion, these explosive feelings are channeled into exaggerated proportions, contemporary print techniques, unconventional washes, and cutting-edge technical fabrications. The products, first showcased during Milan Fashion Week, serve to build the brand’s image of representing the underdog, non-conforming, rebellious, independent, and experimental.

Take a look at the FW24 Collection by Domenico Formichetti’s PDF below.

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