The 3.PARADIS collection for the Fall/Winter 2024 season

titled “The Sun Doesn’t Shine in the Shade,” explores the internal conflict of the human between ego and humility, set against the backdrop of the concrete jungle. This collection delves into the paradoxical nature of human existence, balancing aspirations for personal glory, wealth, and success with the desire for collective prosperity. The collection is inspired by the complex layers of identity, echoing the words of Jay-Z: “I’m like Che Guevara with bling on. I’m complex. I never planned to have wings on.”

In this 3.PARADIS collection, the exploration of the relationship between opulence and modesty symbolizes the triumphs and struggles associated with balancing self-interest and collective responsibility. The “Surabondance” theme introduces innovative designs featuring layering, double-belted pants, open zip flies, and oversized silhouettes. The materials used range from crocodile skin, fur, denim, furry wool, leather, to Swarovski crystals.

The clothing serves as metaphors for the human struggle, where baggy trousers, large volumes, and puffy coats represent both fashion statements and functional elements of survival. Each element of the design is a metaphor for the basic human struggle for survival, victory, and understanding life.

GR LR 3Paradis AW24 Lookbook04

GR LR 3Paradis AW24 Lookbook07

GR LR 3Paradis AW24 Lookbook09

GR LR 3Paradis AW24 Lookbook10

GR LR 3Paradis AW24 Lookbook12

GR LR 3Paradis AW24 Lookbook14

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