The FW24 collection by Mr. Saturday is titled “Silence (In an Extremely Loud Room).”

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Mr. Saturday’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, titled “Silence (In an Extremely Loud Room),” explores the intersection of punk culture, brutalist architecture, and activism in the 1970s. Specifically, Creative Director Joey Gollish focused on the iconic Sex Pistols concert at Lesser Free Trade Hall on June 4, 1976, for the collection.

“In a small crowd of only 40 people were names that would influence the course of pop music for the next decade: Joy Division, The Smiths, Factory Records, The Buzzcocks, and The Clash. For some, this pivotal moment in music history signifies a divide. Everything before, pre-punk; everything after, post-punk; and punk itself only existing for a few hours,” shared Mr. Saturday.

Accompanying the music revolution was a moment in youth culture, where bubbling angst is channeled through photo prints of 1960s activists, such as the Provo movement in Amsterdam and the May 1968 Paris Student riots, as essential contributors to the creation of punk aesthetics. Meanwhile, the stark concrete buildings erected for growing populations served as the breeding grounds for a new form of street art and music. The architectural outlook is represented in exaggerated shoulder pads, custom-milled fabric, pinstripe tailored silhouettes, hand-spray-painted pieces, and a plethora of research and ephemera plastered onto garments.

Additionally, for FW24, Mr. Saturday introduced a new proprietary printing technology, developed in partnership with Kornit, allowing for high-resolution digital prints onto organzas, knits, and leather, “an ode to the DIY spirit of Provo, graffiti, and punk.”

“To me, this collection feels a bit more like a research paper than anything else. While searching for a singular thesis or vision to present from the convergence of so many moments over time, I realized that the messages of these groups aren’t so different than what I see today. It all seems to say ‘we’re here, and we’re angry.’ I wanted to present that in a way that felt more like a solution than a problem – I think the noise, whether it be punks in 1976 or young artists today, represents a voice for change. A voice that isn’t going anywhere,” noted Creative Director Joey Gollish.

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