The Hundreds: Spring and Summer 2024 with a refreshed style and narration by David Rivera

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The brand The Hundreds, rooted in streetwear culture, unveils its latest collection for the Spring-Summer 2024 season. This marks the debut of the new creative director, David Rivera. Gaining the trust of founders Bobby and Ben, Rivera, after 13 years of working for the brand, has transplanted his roots from Southern California into this new collection.

Expressing gratitude for the trust placed in him, Rivera shares his feelings, stating: “Not every day does a Latin American kid from LA get the chance to open doors for the brand they grew up with. The melody has changed, but the song remains the same.”

The collection, available from February 1st on the brand’s website, intertwines traditional workwear elements with unique graphics inspired by the iconic influences of Los Angeles.

This collection not only marks 20 years of The Hundreds’ existence but also signifies a new stage in streetwear culture, with a deeply rooted style and perspective from David Rivera.

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