Unique Style Vision: Y-3 and Yohji Yamamoto Introduce the Contra-Natural Concept

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For over two decades, adidas and Yohji Yamamoto have shaped a unique vision of elevated sportswear. Now, with the introduction of the first chapter of the Y-3 collection for spring and summer 2024, the Three Stripes and the avant-garde Japanese designer direct their gaze towards the Contra-Natural concept – a world where the duality between organic and synthetic creates unexpected beauty.

The proposals of the first seasonal chapter feature a progressive range of clothing with distinctive bold cuts, refined tailoring, and expressive silhouettes. All of this is accentuated by digitally distorted floral graphics, created from scans of real flowers, and elements inspired by workwear.

The brand’s signature shades – black, gray, and white – are complemented by brown, red, and mint. The tension inherent in the heart of the seasonal concept is reflected in a new color palette drawn from the oxidation process, where nature interacts with metal, transforming rusty burgundy into an acidic mint shade. In accessories, you will find soft leather bags, wallets, and card cases adorned with the same distorted floral graphics, continuing the thematic pulse of the first chapter.

From clothing to footwear, Chapter 1 focuses on expanding the range of adidas Originals icons, transformed through the prism of Yohji Yamamoto. New silhouettes include Y-3 STAN SMITH and Y-3 COUNTRY – made from high-quality leather fabric with seams – and Y-3 GSG9 LOW. The return of the brand’s most progressive silhouette to date – Y-3 GENDO – is accompanied by Y-3 KYASU in both low and high versions, as well as the debut of Y-3 KYASU SLIP-ON, which takes the minimal, brick-like sole of the silhouette and adds a knitted upper with primeknit.

To kick off the spring-summer 2024 season in Chapter 1, adidas presents a spectacular campaign that dynamically captures the strength and community through the eyes of the London-based Bugeisha Club – an international collective of women and non-binary individuals with mixed Asian heritage, boldly combining unbridled creative energy with athletic prowess.

Photographed by Erika Kamano and styled by Robbie Spencer, the campaign tells a seasonal story of balance, self-confidence, and restraint through the synergistic relationship of body, mind, spirit, and community.

Look for the latest from the new adidas Y-3 collection in their online store over time.

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