Carrots Gives a Fresh Twist to the LRG “Dead Serious” Hoodie

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LRG’s Dead Serious hoodie stands as one of the most iconic pieces from the ’00s streetwear scene. After its OG re-release in 2021, the Dead Serious hoodie is making a comeback in 2024 as part of the upcoming Carrots x LRG collection.

The relationship between LRG and the Carrots brand by Anwar Carrots has a rich history. Anwar shared a message today, recalling the opportunity to meet LRG founder Jonas Bevacqua (RIP) and being featured in an LRG ad campaign in 2012 alongside PNCINTL co-founders Josh Peas and Casey Veggies:

“This collaboration is for my 16-year-old self who bought the fuchsia, zebra-print LRG Savage wordmark tee from Up Against the Wall, to go with the black denim fuchsia Air Forces I copped from Undftd when it was next to Stussy in ’06. I reminisce about coming up with names for a brand/blog at Bryan’s crib, after school at his pops crib (RIP). This is a very proud moment! Twenty-one-year-old me is also thankful for meeting and interviewing the founder and creator of LRG, Jonas Bevacqua. This is a brand that has a legacy even myself would love to have and favor. Thinking back to 2012 when LRG put myself, Josh Peas, and Casey in an LRG advertising campaign. This is truly a full-circle moment. Thank you to the whole LRG team for seeing in Carrots what they see in LRG… Roots & Growth. Jonas Forever.”

The Carrots x LRG Dead Serious hoodie comes in the signature Carrots color scheme, green and orange, with the rotten heart featuring a leafy carrot top twist. The collection, as seen in the campaign video, also includes various graphic tees (including an orange Dead Serious long-sleeve), a crewneck, pullover hoodie, and sweatpants. This collaboration with Carrots marks the beginning of LRG’s 25th-anniversary collabs, with more anticipated throughout 2024.

The LRG x Carrots collection drops on Friday, February 2nd, at 9 am PST on the LRG website. Take a look at the campaign video and preview images of the Carrots x LRG “Dead Serious” hoodie below.

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