Wacko Maria unveils a new collection with a Tarantino twist

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Established in 2005 by Atsuhiko Mori and Keiji Ishizuka, the brand Wacko Maria has gained recognition for its eccentric patterns, unique graphics, and an aesthetic inspired by pop culture and art. The latest spring-summer collection for the year 2024 leaves no doubt about maintaining this distinctive style.

The brand’s latest offerings include not only men’s clothing but also a rich assortment of accessories, all showcased in a studio lookbook. Explore the photo gallery highlighting the new additions in the best light.

The novelties from this Japanese brand’s collection are sure to be well-received by enthusiasts due to their bold patterns and simultaneously maintained simplicity. The range includes diverse proposals such as formal trousers, shirts in various styles, elegant blazers, and stylish leather jackets. Of course, classic elements like T-shirts and hoodies, which are a constant part of the lineup, are not overlooked.

One of the main thematic inspirations for the collection is references to Quentin Tarantino’s independent crime film from 1992 – “Reservoir Dogs.” This inspiration undoubtedly enriches and diversifies the brand’s new offerings, giving it a unique character.

The first part of the WACKO MARIA collection for spring and summer is already available for purchase as of February 10. Look for the latest additions on their official website.

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