Music, football, style: Stone Roses Collection for Manchester United Fans

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adidas unveils a special edition of the Manchester United x Stone Roses collection, merging the most decorated football club in Manchester with one of the city’s most revered musical icons.

The song “This is The One,” serving as the musical theme for entering the field at Old Trafford since the early 2000s, has become synonymous with matches at the Theatre of Dreams. The new adidas collection draws its unique design inspiration from the unforgettable album cover of “The Stone Roses” from 1989.

The centerpiece of the collection is a jersey that combines the bold, unmistakable background of guitarist John Squire’s graphics with the timeless style of Originals. Several details on the jersey are directly taken from the album cover, from the red, white, and blue adidas stripes on the sleeve to the golden letters “The Stone Roses” inside the collar. The Manchester United crest has also been adapted to include the words “This is the One” on the lower segment and two slices of lemon instead of footballs on both sides. The iconic red adidas trefoil completes the ensemble.

The lifestyle side of the collection also includes a black tracksuit and black shorts, both adorned with red, white, and blue stripes, an adapted crest, and the famous lemons. A long-sleeved t-shirt, scarf, and, of course, a “bucket” hat round out the collection, giving fans everything they need to express their passion for music and football off the field.

The collection comes to life on the pitch with a pre-match jersey and reversible jacket. The jersey reflects the grayscale of the album graphics, featuring adidas performance logos, the crest, and the official sponsor, all in a striking gold color, matching the lettering on the album’s cover.

Fans will get their first glimpse of the collection on the field when the Manchester United men’s team wears it before the away match against Aston Villa on February 10, and the women’s team wears it for the away match against Southampton on February 11.

The Manchester United x Stone Roses collection is already available as of February 8 and can be purchased at Manchester United stores, selected adidas retail stores, and on the brand’s website.

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