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Teddy Santis presents the spring shoe collection for New Balance Made in USA.

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Teddy Santis, the founder of Aimé Leon Dore and currently the creative director of the New Balance Made in USA line, recently unveiled not only a clothing collection but also a set of shoes for this year’s spring and summer.

The MiUSA line is synonymous with perfection in footwear production. The shoes stand out not only for their high-quality craftsmanship but also for meticulous attention to detail. Produced in factories in the United States, they maintain a local character, utilizing the highest quality materials.

The collection includes models such as 990v4, 990v6, 996, 998, 993, and 990v6 in various colors, ranging from classic to pastel.

The first drop kicks off with a reinterpretation of the classic gray. In the shade “Grey Matter,” with additions of black and white, we’ll see models like 990v4, 990v6, 996, and 998. To the seasonal pastel shades “Maize” and “Winter Fog,” a warm, weather-resistant, and neutral hue called “Sandstone” has been added. The second drop brings two versions of 990v4 in Macadamia Nut and Arctic Grey with contrasting black and white laces. The third drop introduces new colors for the 993 and a camouflage deconstruction for the 990v6. The fourth delivery gives the 993 model a minimalist elegance in classic black and white. It will also be available in a QUICK STRIKE variant with a light green upper and contrasting white mesh. The fifth delivery concludes the season with two variants of 990v6 in neutral tones and subtle color accents.

The first releases from the spring collection of New Balance Made in USA hit the shelves on February 8th. Keep checking the brand’s online store regularly not to miss your preferred variant.

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