Universal Works Commemorates 15 Years With Spring/Summer 2024 Line

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The Nottingham-based men’s fashion brand, Universal Works, is marking its 15-year history in the Spring/Summer 2024 season. In its latest collection, the brand has highlighted the Soul aspect of its philosophy, embodying the essence from which the inspiration to create its clothing originates.

Established in 2009 with the goal of fostering a sense of well-being through the act of dressing well, the SS24 lineup aims to counter the growing demands of the digital world by underscoring the importance of physical connection, touch, feel, and beauty in the lives of ordinary people.

Showcasing a selection of reimagined Universal Works essentials, the collection itself offers a tactile array of earthy and soulful materials, including waffles, towelings, slub cottons, and seersuckers in a contemplative color palette of natural tones. In this context, the palette, texture, and overall sentiment go beyond mere inspiration or cultural influences, emanating from a profound and soulful source, encapsulating, much like life’s finest aspects, a profound sense of authenticity and intrinsic connection.

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