Story Mfg. for Spring and Summer 2024: Break Away from the Mainstream, Immerse Yourself in Passion

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In the world of fashion dominated by trends, the brand Story Mfg. stands out as an oasis of authenticity and passion. Founded by Katy and Saeed, it symbolizes a commitment to unconventional interests and craftsmanship practices that deserve attention.

In the latest collection for Spring and Summer 2024, Story Mfg. focuses not only on fashion but, above all, on people. Collaborating with dedicated enthusiasts, the brand showcases portraits of individuals who uphold traditions, emphasizing passion and mental well-being.

The backdrop for this unfolding narrative is Awaykin, London, where the British brand comes to life. Photographs by Vivka Vadoliyi capture the essence of people genuinely dedicated to what they love.

You’ll notice key offerings from the brand for the upcoming weeks, including loosely tailored trousers, skirts paired with various types of knits, shirts, and sweatshirts.

Discover the latest from the Spring-Summer collection in their online store.

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