MIZUNO FOR MARGARET HOWELL: Explore the Latest Collaborative Collection

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MIZUNO, renowned for its innovative technology, and MARGARET HOWELL, a style icon, have joined forces to create a collection that reflects their shared commitment to genuine craftsmanship and excellence. The collection is designed for the spring-summer season of 2024.

The collaboration between these two brands began during the fall-winter collection show in 2017 and has now resulted in a unique series called “Technical Wear.”

Addressing the needs of everyday life and physical activity, this collection seamlessly blends practicality with elegance. Crafted from over half a century of experience, continuously updated and improved, this line reflects both the robustness of MIZUNO and the subtlety of MARGARET HOWELL. The introduction of this collection is not only a seasonal event but also a step into the future for both brands.

The new MIZUNO FOR MARGARET HOWELL collection is available for purchase starting February 22, 2024. Check out the brand’s Asian website for more information.

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