Skateboard Safari: Hélas Explores the Magic of Morocco

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Travel, colors, patterns – the skate team Hélas visited Morocco to immerse themselves in the country’s skateboarding culture. Inspirations drawn from life, colors, patterns, and the style of the locals have become the heart of the new collection for spring 2024.

Cross-stitch embroideries adorn hoodies, knitwear pieces are embellished with elements from Moroccan rugs, and diverse patterns and motifs evoke the sea, desert, and various cultural symbols. This fusion of skateboard culture with Moroccan tradition is immortalized in a campaign featuring local skaters such as Otman Talà, Badreddine Lababsi, and Ayoub Hraim.

The collection is already available on the Hélas website; it’s not just clothing, but a journey into the world of unique style and inspiration.

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