Gramicci x and wander: Embracing Climbing Adventures

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Gramicci is renowned for its performancewear ethos. Following its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign in London, Gramicci has partnered with the Japanese brand and wander for an exciting collaboration.

This collaboration seamlessly blends the brands’ shared Japanese heritage and passion for outdoor exploration. The collection is centered around functionality in outdoor settings, reflecting both brands’ appreciation for nature, particularly Gramicci’s ties to California’s Yosemite National Park.

Gramicci x and wander brings together outdoor enthusiasts, guiding them through hidden trails in the wilderness. Technical garments dominate the lineup, starting with performance jackets in purple hues designed to protect wearers from the elements. Crewnecks with pockets and durable trousers pave the way for exploration, featuring contrasting pockets for added storage on-the-go. Nylon pieces sport collaborative branding, rounding out the collection with a coordinated range of bags and caps.

Explore the Gramicci x and wander collaboration further in the gallery above. It will be available from both brands starting March 6th.

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