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Cultural Heritage Anew: adidas Originals Celebrates Gazelle, Samba, and Handball Spezial

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In the latest chapter of adidas Originals’ history, the “1000 Back” campaign brings back to life three iconic shoe models, blending heritage with modernity.

Launching a new global platform and creative direction in 2023, the brand continues its quest by paying tribute to the communities that wore Gazelle, Samba, and Handball Spezial yesterday and today.

The campaign showcases the ever-vibrant energy of adidas Originals, highlighting the diversity of communities and subcultures for which the Trefoil has become a symbol of cultural identity.

The following series of photos pays homage to today’s fans of these classic models, depicting them in various contexts and stylings. adidas Samba, Handball Spezial, and Gazelle become the heroes of contemporary narratives, taking on new meanings in different environments.

From sports arenas to urban streets, from skate parks to fashion runways, these classic shoe models continue to inspire, combining authenticity, versatility, and innovation for the next generations.

The latest installment of the adidas Originals’ “1000 Back” campaign will premiere on March 26th, so keep an eye on the online store.

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