Hotel Deluxe: Layered Styles for the Upcoming Summer

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Universal Works Introduces Hotel Deluxe Summer Collection

Hotel Deluxe by Universal Works returns with a fresh summer collection, transporting us to settings more reminiscent of Ilfracombe than Marrakech. Drawing inspiration from authentic British holidays, this collection emphasizes layering not only as a necessity but also as a stylish choice.

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Patterned Perfection and Textured Elegance

Hotel Deluxe impresses with patterns, prints, and textures that perfectly capture the essence of a British summer. Featuring patchwork garments, classic cottons, chambray, and denim, every piece in the collection is thoughtfully designed and rich in detail. These elements come together to create a sophisticated and versatile wardrobe that stands out in any summer setting.

Stylish Versatility for Every Summer Occasion

Whether you're spending summer in Bridlington or dreaming of the Bahamas, Hotel Deluxe offers a simple yet elegant wardrobe for every occasion. The collection celebrates both rainy days and sun-filled afternoons, providing endless styling possibilities. From casual outings to more refined events, these layered looks ensure you stay stylish and comfortable throughout the season.

Explore the New Collection Online

The latest additions to the Hotel Deluxe collection are now available on the Universal Works online store. Discover the perfect pieces to elevate your summer wardrobe and embrace the layered elegance of a true British holiday.

Stay ahead in fashion this summer with Hotel Deluxe by Universal Works, and enjoy the seamless blend of practicality and style that this collection offers.

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