Nautica x Hélas: The Fusion of Nautical Style and Skateboarding

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Nautica and Hélas have joined forces to create the unique “All Hands on Deck” collection, harmoniously blending nautical heritage with skateboarding culture.

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A Meeting in Sète: A New Dimension in Fashion

Meeting in the picturesque town of Sète, located in the south of France, Nautica and Hélas have introduced a fresh perspective in fashion. This collection draws inspiration from Nautica's 90s archives, paying homage to the hip-hop culture of that era.

Key Pieces of the Collection

The standout pieces in this collection include the Sailor Jacket, tracksuit sets, and 6-Panel Caps. These items capture the essence of both brands, merging sports functionality with skate aesthetics to create a unique style.

Campaign Aesthetic: A Nostalgic Journey

The promotional campaign, shot on Super 8 film, transports us to the ambiance of the French Riviera, showcasing elegance and style in a modern light. The visuals evoke a nostalgic feel, blending vintage elements with contemporary fashion.

A Blend of Sport and Style

The Nautica x Hélas collection perfectly combines sporty functionality with the sleek aesthetic of skateboarding. This fusion results in a distinctive look that appeals to both fashion enthusiasts and sportswear lovers.

Where to Find the Collection

The Nautica x Hélas collection is now available on the French brand's website. Explore this unique blend of nautical and skateboarding styles and add a touch of elegance and sportiness to your wardrobe.

Visit the official website to browse the collection and embrace the fusion of two iconic styles.

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