Pharrell Williams’ Louis Vuitton Goes On a Luxury Dog Walk for Pre-SS25

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Pharrell Williams Revitalizes Louis Vuitton

Pharrell Williams has brought new life to Louis Vuitton, propelling the French fashion house to new heights. Since taking over the menswear division following Virgil Abloh’s passing, Williams has infused the brand with hype, glamour, and streetwear sophistication. As anticipation builds for his latest runway show in Paris, Louis Vuitton gives us a sneak peek of the Pre-Spring/Summer 2025 collection.

Pharrell Williams' Louis Vuitton Goes On a Luxury Dog Walk for - addstylPre-SS25 (3)

Introducing the “DOG LVERS” Collection

The “DOG LVERS” collection takes a luxury walk around the block, featuring our furry friends. Williams emphasizes pet-friendly connections, envisioning a wardrobe designed for outdoor adventures with your dog. The Pre-SS25 collection effortlessly transitions from city streets to dog parks, capturing the essence of stylish New Yorkers on their daily walks.

Sophisticated Styles for Pet Lovers

The elevated collection is grounded in muted sophistication, featuring illustrative pullovers, LV-branded leather jackets, and tailored shorts. Louis Vuitton’s iconic checkered pattern adorns collarless outerwear in tweed, while spotted fleeces and Canadian tuxedos incorporate subtle graphics with luxurious undertones. Wool trench coats and monogrammed uniforms showcase Williams’ premium touch, complemented by charmed hoodies, relaxed tracksuits, and straight-leg trousers, all linked by LV’s signature style.

Luxury Accessories for Dogs and Owners

The second part of the Pre-SS25 collection pays tribute to victorious dog shows, with pouting French bulldogs and paw tags embellishing miniature and oversized leather goods. Preppy menswear looks are paired with well-groomed pets, ready to win their first prize. The collection includes bone-shaped briefcases, ribboned accessories, and gold-trimmed dog houses, adding an element of playful luxury.

Discover the “DOG LVERS” Collection

Take a closer look at Louis Vuitton’s Pre-SS25 “DOG LVERS” collection and see how Pharrell Williams continues to push the boundaries of fashion. This unique blend of high-end design and pet-friendly functionality is sure to be a hit with fashion-forward pet owners. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to elevate your style with this luxurious collection.

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