Discover the Spring-Summer 2025 Collection from A-COLD-WALL*

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Introduction to A-COLD-WALL* Spring-Summer 2025 Collection

The A-COLD-WALL* Spring-Summer 2025 collection, titled “Pink Noise,” marks a new phase for the brand, drawing inspiration from the British music scene, especially from illicit radio transmissions. This blend of spatial exploration and subcultures translates into designs that emphasize transience, functionality, anonymity, and boldness.

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Inspiration and Theme: Pink Noise

A-COLD-WALL* has always been at the forefront of innovative fashion, and the "Pink Noise" collection is no exception. This season, the brand delves deep into the rich tapestry of the British music scene. The collection reflects the raw energy and rebellious spirit of underground music and illegal radio broadcasts, which have historically been a platform for unfiltered expression and cultural defiance.

A Visual Journey: Film and Lookbook

The presentation of the collection is a visual masterpiece, captured in a film directed by Rory Wood and a lookbook by Luca Grottoli. These mediums bring the collection to life, showcasing the intricate designs and the ethos behind them. The film and lookbook feature members of the ACW* network, including musicians Goldie, Jason Williamson, and Jawnino, director Seb Tabe, Don Letts, and models like Aweng Chuol, Laura Rylands, Danni Harris, and Manyuon Deng.

Highlighting the Dynamic British Music Culture

The "Pink Noise" collection does more than just exhibit fashion; it pays homage to the vibrant British music culture. The inclusion of prominent figures from the music and creative industries highlights the deep connection between A-COLD-WALL* and the dynamic world of British music. Each piece in the collection is a testament to the influence of this cultural heritage, merging fashion with the spirit of musical innovation and rebellion.

Conclusion: A Bold New Era for A-COLD-WALL*

The Spring-Summer 2025 collection from A-COLD-WALL*, "Pink Noise," is a bold statement that bridges the gap between fashion and music. It encapsulates the essence of British subcultures and the ever-evolving landscape of underground music. This collection is not just a display of clothing but a celebration of cultural identity, artistic expression, and the fearless pursuit of originality.

Explore the "Pink Noise" collection and experience the intersection of fashion and music like never before.

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