Levi’s: Sporty Elegance for the 2024 Olympic Games

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Levi’s Enters the Fashion Scene with a Collection Inspired by the 2024 Paris Olympics

Levi’s has launched a new collection inspired by the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, seamlessly blending the rebellious Parisian lifestyle with the Olympic spirit. The main line of the collection features the colors of the French flag – red, blue, and white – creating dynamic and sporty looks.

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The Skate Capsule: A Tribute to Parisian Skate Culture

An integral part of the collection is the Skate Capsule, celebrating Paris’s vibrant skateboarding scene. Specially selected materials ensure durability and comfort while skating. Paris's skateparks, boulevards, and ramps will now be alive with the colors of the collection, reflecting the unity of sport and fashion.

Discover the New Levi’s Collection

Explore the new Levi’s collection in the images below. The collection is available online.

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