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New from Nike: Introducing the Air Max 1 “Armory Navy” with School Doodles on the Insoles

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Nike Sportswear is launching the “Notebook Doodles” collection, featuring the new Air Max 1 in the “Armory Navy” colorway.

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A Fusion of Creativity and Sustainability

This release combines creativity with eco-friendliness, using recycled materials and a design reminiscent of school doodles. The Air Max 1 "Armory Navy" stands out in this collection, blending brown and burgundy with navy and a coconut milk-like shade, creating a stylish and versatile color palette. The upper, made from recycled materials, highlights Nike's commitment to sustainability. The windmill-shaped Nike logo on the insoles symbolizes the Move to Zero initiative, aimed at zero carbon and zero waste.

Stylish and Versatile Color Palette

The Air Max 1 "Armory Navy" showcases a sophisticated mix of colors. The brown and burgundy hues complement the navy and coconut milk tones, offering a unique yet versatile look that fits various styles and occasions. This thoughtful combination of colors ensures that the sneakers are both fashionable and adaptable, perfect for any wardrobe.

Nostalgic Charm with School Doodles

The unique school doodle designs on the insoles add a nostalgic charm to the sneakers. These creative details enhance the appeal of the Air Max 1 "Armory Navy," evoking memories of school days. The playful doodles provide a distinctive touch, making these sneakers a standout addition to any collection.

Anticipation Builds for the Release

Nike is keeping the exact release details under wraps. However, we can assure you that the first weeks of fall will be the perfect time to keep an eye on the official Nike online store. Stay tuned for updates and be ready to grab a pair of these unique and stylish sneakers as soon as they drop.


The Nike Air Max 1 "Armory Navy" from the "Notebook Doodles" collection perfectly blends creativity, sustainability, and nostalgia. With its recycled materials, stylish color palette, and playful insoles, this release is sure to be a hit among sneaker enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers alike. Keep an eye out for this exciting new release from Nike and add a touch of nostalgia and style to your sneaker collection.

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