Fresh BAPE Collection for Fall/Winter 2024: A Return to Roots and New Proposals

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Celebrating the Shark Full Zip Hoodie

In 2024, BAPE marks the 20th anniversary of its iconic Shark Full Zip Hoodie, launching a new collection for fall and winter that pays homage to its roots while introducing fresh designs.

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First Show in Shanghai

Debuting in Shanghai, the collection draws inspiration from hip-hop, parties, and pop culture. It merges these influences into unique offerings, including the innovative Marbling Camo—a modern twist on the classic ABC CAMO with a marbled effect.

Iconic and Bold Pieces

This season features the iconic Shark Parka, a snowboard jacket, and oversized sweatpants in daring colors. Additionally, puffer jackets, tracksuits, and denim pieces showcase the Lux Sport pattern, inspired by the Japanese tattooing technique "Wabori."

Y2K Campus Life Influence

The second part of the collection embraces Y2K campus life aesthetics, offering hoodies, lightweight jackets, and tracksuits for both men and women, capturing a retro yet contemporary vibe.

Classic BAPE Motifs

True to its heritage, BAPE incorporates its classic motifs into everyday wardrobe essentials. Discover more about the collection on their website.

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