END. x Needles: Introducing the Rattan-Inspired Collection

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A Fusion of Traditional Craftsmanship

END. and Needles have joined forces once again to introduce the “Rattan” collection, drawing inspiration from traditional craftsmanship techniques. Following the success of their earlier “Indigo Wash” collaboration from early 2024, the focus now shifts to rattan – a material known since ancient Egyptian times.

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A Unique Six-Piece Capsule

The new six-piece capsule collection includes both men's and women's clothing. Rattan, a fast-growing and durable material found in the tropical regions of Australia, Asia, and Africa, features prominently in the design. Its distinctive weave adorns key pieces, giving them a unique, natural look.

Key Pieces of the Collection

The Cabana Shirt

The highlight of the collection is the Cabana Shirt, crafted entirely from rattan, making it perfect for summer days. This shirt showcases the natural beauty and texture of rattan, offering a stylish and breathable option for warm weather.

Track Jacket and Track Pant

Iconic items like the Track Jacket and Track Pant are reimagined with a rattan twist. These pieces feature an earthy brown hue with rattan replacing the traditional side stripes, providing a fresh, organic aesthetic.

String Fatigue Skirt

The String Fatigue Skirt also incorporates rattan elements, enhancing its design with natural fibers. This skirt combines fashion with function, offering a versatile piece for various occasions.

Military Beret

The military beret in the collection is adorned with branding and a leather strap, blending contemporary style with traditional materials. This accessory adds a chic, rustic touch to any outfit.

Mohair Cardigan

Rounding out the collection is the mohair cardigan, which stands out with its subtle color palette and the signature Papillon butterfly motif. This cardigan provides a cozy yet stylish option for cooler days.

Where to Find the Collection

Look for the new END x Needles collection at END's online store and their physical locations. This collaboration brings together traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion, offering unique pieces that celebrate the beauty and versatility of rattan.

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