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Patta x Helinox Chair One: A Chair Inspired by Surinamese Pangi Fabric

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Unique Collaboration Between Patta and Helinox

Patta and Helinox join forces once again to create a unique product that blends heritage with modern design. The result of this collaboration is the Helinox Chair One, inspired by the Surinamese fabric Pangi—an essential element of the Maroon community’s culture.

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Lightweight and Portable in Any Condition

This featured chair is a portable and lightweight piece of furniture that can be easily set up in any environment. With breathable, packable, and durable materials, it ensures comfort in every situation. Additional carrying and storage options enhance its functionality, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

History and Symbolism of Pangi Fabric

The special Pangi fabric, belonging to the late father of Patta's co-founder, Guillaume Schmidt, adds a personal and historical touch to the product. Pangi, known as "Kosu" in the Saamaka language, has evolved from a symbol of inferiority to a symbol of freedom and pride, reflecting the strength of the Surinamese interior community.

Patta x Helinox Chair One “Pangi Patchwork” Release

The Patta x Helinox Chair One “Pangi Patchwork” is set to launch on July 12. For details and purchases, visit the Patta online store. Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional chair that combines history, culture, and modernity.


The Patta x Helinox Chair One is a remarkable product that offers not only comfort and functionality but also a deep connection to cultural heritage. Inspired by the Surinamese Pangi fabric, this chair becomes more than just a practical piece of furniture—it becomes a symbol of the Maroon community's history and pride. Mark the release date and join the ranks of proud owners of this unique item.

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