Supreme Unveils Unique Summer T-Shirts for 2024 (1/9)

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A Tribute to Jazz Legend Alice Coltrane

One of the standout features of the new collection is the incorporation of jazz legend Alice Coltrane’s discography. Two of her iconic album covers, “Ptah, the El Daoud” and “Journey in Satchidananda,” are prominently featured on the T-shirts. The “Ptah, the El Daoud” design showcases a captivating, Egypt-inspired illustration by Jim Evans, while the “Journey in Satchidananda” shirt boasts a grainy photograph of Coltrane herself. These T-shirts not only celebrate Coltrane’s musical legacy but also add a touch of artistic flair to any wardrobe.

Pop Culture Fusion with Miss Piggy

Adding a playful twist to the collection is a hot pink T-shirt featuring a portrait of Miss Piggy from “The Muppet Show.” Adorned with the word “$UPREME” in bold letters, this design is sure to capture attention and bring a smile to faces. It’s a perfect blend of pop culture nostalgia and streetwear style, making it a must-have for Supreme collectors.

Sporty and Sophisticated Designs

For those who prefer a sporty look, Supreme offers a white T-shirt with the brand’s logo in a mirrored typography. This simple yet striking design adds a sporty accent to any outfit, making it versatile for various occasions.

Revival of the Black Cat Motif

Supreme also brings back the popular Black Cat motif, this time on a relaxed, brown T-shirt. The updated graphic gives the design a fresh look while maintaining the essence of the classic motif. It’s a perfect blend of old and new, ensuring it appeals to long-time fans and new followers of the brand.

Global Availability and Options

The entire collection will be available globally on Supreme’s online store starting June 20th. With multiple color options for each design, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Be sure to check out the gallery to see all the designs and choose your favorites.

Supreme continues to push the boundaries of streetwear fashion with its summer 2024 collection, blending music, pop culture, and iconic motifs into wearable art. Don’t miss out on these limited-edition T-shirts that are set to make waves this season.

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