Only NY x MTA Summer Collection: A Tribute to New York City Public Transit (1/15)

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Inspirations from MTA Archives

The new t-shirt collection draws inspiration from the extensive graphic archives of the MTA, featuring vintage advertisements, matchbooks, and schedules. These elements not only honor past aesthetics but also reflect the culture and history of New York City. Each t-shirt tells a story, blending the spirit of bygone eras with modern design.

Tribute to the Legendary Railroad

These t-shirts pay tribute to the legendary LIRR, which has transported New Yorkers to the suburbs for decades, whether for daily commutes or weekend getaways. Only NY’s new designs salute the history of the Long Island Rail Road, celebrating the tradition of eastward journeys. This collection evokes memories of endless travels while bringing a modern twist to classic themes.

Officially Licensed Collection

The officially licensed MTA collection is available online and in-store. With this collection, everyone can feel a part of New York City’s history, wearing garments that combine functionality with unique style and sentimental value.

Photography by Kevin Horvath

Photographs by Kevin Horvath perfectly capture the essence of this exceptional collection. His images not only showcase the apparel but also transport us back in time, conveying the atmosphere of travel and nostalgia. Through his lens, we see how fashion intersects with the history and culture of New York City.

Explore the Only NY x MTA summer collection and immerse yourself in the magic of New York City’s public transit, inspiring new adventures and cherished memories.

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