BAPE Studio Lookbook: A Preview of Their Fall/Winter Collection (1/32)

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Introducing New Styles: Marbling Camo

One of the standout new styles is the Marbling Camo, which combines the classic ABC CAMO with a marble effect, adding a fresh twist to the collection. Iconic models like the Shark Parka, classic Snowboard Jacket, and Oversized Garment Dye Sweatpants in vibrant colors are also featured, making bold statements for the season.

Lux Sport Pattern and Japanese Tattoo Inspiration

Other elements in the collection, such as the puffer jacket, tracksuit, and denim pieces, are adorned with the Lux Sport pattern, inspired by the Japanese tattoo technique “Wabori.” Graphics of the Japanese guardian dog “Komainu” and the peony flower “Botan” appear on the Shark Full Zip Hoodie, celebrating its 20th anniversary. The collection also includes classic 1st CAMO in modern fabrics and military elements like the Kimono Jacket and MA-1, bringing a unique fusion of tradition and contemporary style.

Embracing Y2K with “Campus Life”

The second part of the collection, “Campus Life,” captures the Y2K vibe with an academic style. Featuring sweatshirts, sweatpants, and lightweight jackets, this segment blends BAPE’s iconic motifs into essential wardrobe pieces for both men and women. The collection offers a nostalgic yet modern take on early 2000s fashion, perfect for the upcoming season.

Where to Find the Latest from A Bathing Ape

Discover the new arrivals from A Bathing Ape on their official website and at select retailers. Stay ahead of the trends and update your wardrobe with BAPE’s latest Fall/Winter 2024 collection, celebrating the essence of streetwear and pop culture.

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